Brandon Manning


The Background

I knew this company as OpenMail. A true unicorn. They eventually changed the name to System1. System1's mission is to provide the most dynamic responsive acquisition marketing and advertising tools in the space. Connecting higher intent customers with advertisers at scale.

The Opportunity

Support System1's 'unicorn' success in the ad tech space and provide pay-per-click keyword advertising UX improvements, in-depth and continued research on consumer behaviours across networks such as Google, Yahoo & Microsoft, develop internal research and compliance processes for greater market exploitation and pursue new market opportunities that have the potential of auspicious integration into System1's multi-threaded platform.

What I Did

My focus was on UX/ UI improvements across the product suite with a focus on relationship building, compliance management with major partners, print and marketing design, HTML, CSS & JavaScript programming of consumer facing products, web/ mobile implementation, company wide internal testing updates, corporate decks, development of internal AI driven tooling, and a host of cross-disciplinary and cross team activities. I also grew the cross disciplinary design team from myself to 14+ team members that possessed visual design, product, UX, full stack dev and data science skills.

Creative Director, UX Researcher, Frontend Dev, Presenter, Lead Designer