Brandon Manning


The Background

Tradelanes mission is to revolutionize the shipping industries data management needs. Whether you’re establishing a contract to buy or sell goods globally, or facilitating a portion of the process, Tradelanes offers a digitized, document export solution and communication platform for all parties including transportation partners and ports.

The Challenge

A lot of paperwork. Each stage required an extensive amount of data entry around buying and selling goods, quanity, weight, cost, goods transfer from manufacturer to port, port to port, taxes, required certificates, and so many other things crucial to successfully using the SaaS solution. Some portions of the experience require feedback between vendors whilst others have to generate the exact documentation needed to be submitted for processing. We also needed a solution that helped users have a faster first time to value experience.

What I Did

My focus was on a complete redesign of the MVP with the goal of incorporating a new onboarding flow based on a freemium model, that integrated shipment, booking, contract and document flows, wherein, collected data built upon each other, auto-completing duplicate input requests, and introducing chat, annotation and notification features.

Following feedback from the CEO & CPO, we validated requirements, sketched out experiences in Figjam & Balsamiq sessions, and went straight into design.

UX Manager, Lead Designer, Prototyper